We Are In Love Only Three Times In Our Loves And It Teaches Something Different Each Time

They say that there are three types of love that we’ll experience throughout our lifetime. And that each time we fall in love, it’s for a certain reason.

There’s the first love, the one that seems like a fairy-tale.

For most of us, this happens when we’re in high school, so at a rather young age. It’s at this point in life we believe that the world is innocent and so is everyone around us. This view makes us experience this kind of love as the purest feeling there is.

It’s literally the kind of love that is filled with rainbows and butterflies. And we usually think it will last forever and ever. We think we’ve found our pair and that we’ll navigate through life with them no matter what.

But in this type of love, what is more important is how the other one sees us. We try to make things work often at the expense of who we are. Only to realize it wasn’t worth it.

The second kind of love is all about the heartbreaking and painful aspect of a relationship.

We enter this one thinking this is what we’ve been looking for all along. But it’s more like a storm. Sure, there’s passion and God knows there are so many highs and lows.

And we stay in this kind of love because we think it can get better. And this can happen over and over again, with different partners. But the pattern is the same. It just ends in heartache each time.

This is the kind of love that is unhealthy and that we wished it was right.

And then, there’s the love that we don’t see coming.

It’s the whisper that pushes us to pursue it. This is the most mature kind of love and it’s selfless. It usually shows up in our lives when we have grown as individuals and when we’ve reached peace with ourselves.

Everything fits because they accept us and care for us. And there is that connection that we never thought existed.

This is usually the love that lasts and that just feels right.

Are you ready for this kind of love?

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source upvee